The last few years have been an incredible adventure for us, as the world of enduro changes. With the arrival of the Enduro World Series the growth of the discipline has been breathtaking. To be part of something like this has been an amazing experience. Seeing the level of competition rise, riding in stunning, new places and meeting so many great people has only increased our desire to want to be part of this.

While the sport grows internationally, we have not forgotten our roots and the Superenduro series here in Italy that ignited our passion for enduro racing.

Yet racing has always only been one part of what we do. Our biggest goal remains unchanged from day one: to enjoy riding mountain bikes. Whether it’s on the new, international stage, on the other side of the world or simply on the trails above our home, for us this will never change. Before anything else we are mountain bikers who love to get out and ride.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Manuel and Valentina