Here we are again ! alive and kicking for the incoming 2013 Enduro season…

Last weekend Life Cycle has organized a little meeting with some friends from the italian enduro circus. It was funny to meet them after a little pause, new hair styles, mustaches and first of all NEW BIKES under some bums !

80′s is the deal, that’s a fact. New Wave, Stars Wars, Apple…and a life in FLUO…so probably you’ve already noticed that, We are running ONE gear. Well, this isn’t the only news, Life Cycle is going to release the 2013 roster and some new collaborations…

We have taken our friends on the hills above Sanremo, it a was a relaxing day of ride where it was nice to chat about the World Series, the event of  the year. Matteo Cappè from 365 MTB Magazine was there too ready to collect some fresh shoots and especially the vibe that surrounded the day…The fear and the dream of a bunch of tough italians about the BIG enduro !


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