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 Italy is a creative nation, that’s a fact. 2000 years of history and still we are on something everyday!

After Super Enduro this year the glowing minds that stand behind the machines have launched the Super Mountain format. Basically the barely legal version of the enduro: ” saturday qualifications, two rounds and an impressive massive start”. In the gravity world the mass start format is a must, the adrenaline rush attracts so many bike freaks that every race is a success.

This country is so lucky to have tons of ski resorts that offer a wide range of possibilities to organize PRO mountain bike venues during summer. Some of these have put themself forward as candidates and…BANG! here we are!!!…a stunning new race calendar come out with the wonderful locations of Limone Piemonte, Pila and Scopello.

Tomorrow this promo-season will decree the first winner in the super fast, super muddy and super mountain location of Scopello. Life Cycle Team is on fire with our team manager and top rider Manuel Ducci. After the 2nd place overall in Limone Piemonte and the victory in Pila now Manuel has to push hard on the pedals, stay focused and grit his teeth.

Alessandro Seddaiu, Joseph Murachelli and Valentina Macheda will keep up the Life Cycle herald fighting against all the others families. The young knight Mattia Moraschi will follow the troop.

The iron horses…oops…pardon!, the carbon horses are ready to ride free and wild…so stay in touch with your story teller for the next episode of the Super Saga!

Super Mountain photo © Super Enduro 2012.

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